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Mom to 9-month-old

I don’t have enough words to express how much Bridget helped us. Our 9 month old went from waking every 30-40 mins through the night to sleeping straight for 10+ hours- it’s incredible. She was very attentive and helpful through the entire process. If you are considering using her, don’t hesitate! I wish we had contacted her sooner!

Mom to 5-month-old

We wanted to write to say thank you so much for all of your help and guidance with sleep teaching for Abby! We can’t even fully describe to you how much it has helped our whole family. Abby was a dream baby during our trip to our parents for thanksgiving. She was a champion on the plane and then settled right into her grandparents house, despite the midnight arrival. She slept 7 to 6:30/7 most days with three solid naps. She went down easily and barely fussed (actually she was even better with sleeping than she is at home!). Our parents were so impressed and it allowed Abby to really enjoy her awake time with her grandparents. So, really just wanted to say thank you! We would wholeheartedly recommend your support to families who need guidance with helping their babies learn to sleep. She can’t say it yet, but I know she appreciates your help to. All the best!

Mom to 4-month-old

We were struggling with sleep in our house. My little man was up every hour some nights and I was getting little to no night time sleep. He then decided he would only nap in my arms. Bridget saved my sanity. Within a couple of Days he was sleeping with only one night feeding (we scheduled to keep the feeding). Within days I felt like my old self again and felt like a better mommy. Bridget you rock!

Mom to 6-month-old

When my son turned 6 months old recently, I didn’t know where to turn with regards to his unhealthy sleeping patterns. He would wake up roughly 4 times a night. He was fussy and exhausted during the day and unable to achieve his monthly milestones to the best of his abilities because he wasn’t well rested. I was referred to Bridget through a friend and I cannot express my gratitude enough in words. She simply changed my son’s life and mine for the better. He now goes to bed at the same time every night and sleeps between 11 and 12 hours straight without any issue. He also naps now twice a day! (I never thought I would be lucky enough to experience this). Bridget provided the guidance, knowledge and care to walk myself and my son through the sleep training process. He is now a well rested thriving 7 month old who is crawling and just overall a much happier, confident baby. I highly recommend using Bridget’s Better Bedtime services!

Mom to 5-month-old

I highly recommend Better Bedtime! Bridget’s positive outlook and willingness to genuinely want to get our son sleeping better for the health of our entire family was very clear from the start. We started Sleep Sense with her help and we were able to get our son into a healthy sleep routine by building a solid plan and sticking to it! We went from being up multiple times each night and naps on me throughout the day to having our son sleeping in his crib at night time and for all of his naps. We’re so thankful for Bridget’s help, it quite honestly has changed our lives!

Mom to 7-month-old

Bridget helped us get our son sleeping through the night and napping in his crib instead of in my arms. He went from waking up multiple times a night (and being awake for hours at a time) to sleeping through the night. Bridget is awesome and anyone needing help getting their children to sleep should definitely seek her help.

Mom to 11-month-old

I feel like a new woman! He has been sleeping through the night for weeks now.

Dad to 6-month-old

Originally the thought of sleep training to me seemed a little hokey if not something that may make for some pretty unpleasant nights of crying. We’ve all heard of it. But frankly, with the plan Bridget at Better Bedtime created for us, we feel more structured, more rested, and assured of its visible results most importantly because little Maddie is clearly happier and alert during her waking hours. Bridget helped us through any of our original concerns and coached us through any tricky scheduling we had to keep us on track. Honestly, give her a call she will put your mind at ease and help you to understand how this is the perfect thing not just for your family but more specifically for your little one.

Mom to 4-month-old

We used the Sleep Sense program with our 4 month old, and have had great success in getting to sleep for naps and bedtime. The program taught us how to watch for her sleep cues and help her help herself fall asleep on her own. The program recommends a predictable routine that helps her expect what is coming next every night and nap, and she is asleep within 10 minutes almost every time! Bridget was available for emotional and advice support as we were adjusting to our daughter’s new routine. Now our daughter enjoys her naps and bedtime, and we are all very well rested.