Sleep Workshop

Our workshops for babies 4-18 months provide a comfortable environment where a small group of parents get together and learn how to solve their children’s sleep problems once and for all. After this two hour session, you will leave with everything you need to confidently implement a strategy [that works] in your home!


Heres what’s included:Workshop-leader

  1. Customized, detailed sleep plan based on your child’s needs & routine

    • Step-by-step plan that covers bedtime, night wakings and naps
    • A preliminary evaluation gives us the details needed to create a custom plan
  2. Group Consultation

    • Sleep plan instructions

    • How to establish an effective bedtime routine that fosters a secure attachment while encouraging independent sleep skills

    • Common problems and how to avoid them

  3. Reference guide for nap transitions, daylight savings, travel and more

  4. Two weeks of unlimited email support as you implement the plan


Attending the workshop will result in your child gently learning how to sleep independently – a skill they will carry with them throughout their life. 


Upcoming Workshops

Thursday, October 26th at 7pm in Cambridge (Hespeler), Ontario

Private workshops are available – please contact us for more information.

Investment: $150 per person/couple

**Refer a friend and get 20% off!**

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